1852 Tax Bill for Virginia Company Includes Three Blacks

$ 395.00

1852 Tax Bill for Virginia Company Includes Three Blacks. 1852, Albemarle County (Virginia) Tax Bill for Joseph W. Campbell & Company, Includes Tax on Blacks and Clocks, Extremely Fine.. This original, preprinted form measures 4” x 8” and directs the Sheriff of Albemarle County to collect the annual tax on land, Blacks [Slaves], horses, clocks and other categories, plus a “County Levy” on White adults and Blacks. Although this form does not use the term “slave” one can assume that Blacks means slaves, because there is also a tax category for “Male free negroes.” The name of the person or firm being taxed, Joseph W. Campbell & Co., is handwritten at the top, the amounts have been filled in by hand, and the document is signed at the bottom. This tax bill is in excellent condition, the paper being still quite bright. A look at pre-Civil War business in Virginia. .