1833 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Congressional Report

$ 285.00

1833 “PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE” Congressional Report. 1833-Dated, Official Imprint Congressional Report entitled, “PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE” (Washington, DC), Extremely Fine.. This is an original, 11 pages, measuring 8.75” x 5.5” being an Official Report to the United States Congress from the Commissioner of Public Buildings, in nice condition with some expected light foxing. It includes the report of the Superintendent of the work on Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC, detailing just how badly Pennsylvania Avenue has deteriorated. It includes recommendations on getting this most historic American Avenue back into proper shape with new side walks and carriage routes. It outlines the cobble stones to be used, the gravel ways, etc. This report details just how badly the work was done when it was first laid out. The road for carriages should be 108 feet wide with good drains. Hornblend and Macadam should be used wherever possible. Rows of English Elms will line the road where possible, and there is careful need to lay the stones so horses will not be injured while standing and stamping. The total cost to rebuild the road will be around $131,000. There is much more very interesting content. A scarce imprint, the first we have offered..