1786 Engraved Portrait of British Admiral Hughes

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1786 Engraved Portrait of British Admiral Hughes. May 12, 1786-Dated, Engraved Portrait of British Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, Historic Revolutionary War Era Military Figure, Published by J. Fielding, London, 1786, Choice Crisp Mint.. This original print measures 7.5” x 4.5” being a Plate or Frontispiece from a period British magazine. Edward Hughes (c.1720 - 1794), was a British admiral most noted for his numerous battles with French admiral Suffren in the waters off India. An exceptional quality engraved portrait of this historic British Admiral Hughes.. Sir Edward Hughes RN (c. 1720-1794) was an Admiral of the British Royal Navy. Hughes joined the Royal Navy in 1735, and four years later, was present at the capture of Portobelo, Panama. In 1740, he was promoted to lieutenant and served in the Cartagena expedition of 1741, and at the indecisive Ba