1771-1799, British Magazines With Engravings

$ 2,495.00

1771-1799 “European Magazines” With Engravings. 1771-1799, Lot of 34 Different Issues of “The European Magazine” and “Town and Country Magazine,” containing articles, biographies, news, poetry and engravings, mostly Extremely Fine.. This lot consists of original printings of two British magazines, which were originally bound and are now disbound. Generally each 8” x 5.25” issue is still bound at the spine, contains 60 to 75 pages, and lacks both covers. The contents, however, are mostly in excellent condition. These magazines typically contain world and British news, accounts of political activities mainly in Europe and America, biographies, and articles on a wide range of subjects, from natural history to philosophy to science to travel accounts. Each issue also contains 2 to 5 engravings, which could be removed and framed. Each issue is shrink wrapped with a cardboard backing for protection. The issues in this lot are:1. Town & Country Magazine or Universal Repository, February, May, October and November 1771.2. European Magazine & London Review, February, April and October 1782; June & September 1783; June 1784; June & December 1785; July & December 1789.3. The European Magazine, March & November 1790; December 1791; October & December 1792; January & November 1793; February 1794; April, August, September and December 1795; February, April, August and December 1796; January, March, and November 1797; and January 1799.Together these magazines contain 60 to 100 engravings of important British and other personalities, buildings and sites in England and elsewhere, and other subjects. Some of the articles include: LaFayette’s Farewell Address to this Army (1792), numerous accounts of the French Revolution, British battles in India and her other colonies, an account of Captain Cook’s voyage to the Pacific (1784), the life of Admiral Lord Howe, letters and speeches by George Washington, and accounts of Benjamin Franklin. Great reading and an insight to English society in the late 18th century. A view of history as it happens. (34 items)..