1770, Full Year of Town and Country Magazine

$ 2,995.00

The “BOSTON MASSACRE” is Described in Great Detail. January to December of 1770-Dated, Entire & Complete Full Year of January through December Monthly Issues, “Town and Country Magazine” London, England, 12 Bound Issues, Choice Very Fine.. This is the Complete ORIGINAL Bound Volume of a historic British news magazine, “Town and Country Magazine” from January-December, 1770. There is excellent, Period news coverage of this Pre-Revolutionary War Era, including a long and detailed news report on the “Boston Massacre”.The highly important issue dated, “April 1770” on pages 222 to 223, has highly detailed news of the “Boston Massacre” in a letter signed by Sam Adams, John Hancock, Joseph Warren and others, from the (Patriot) Committee of the Town of Boston. The latter part of the volume has content regarding some of the aftermath of the Boston Massacre event. This represents some of the finest contemporary coverage of the Boston Massacre of the day.Each of the twelve different monthly magazines issued in this Master Full Year Volume has approximately 50 pages, 8.5" x 5" with all of the important various Engraved Plates being present. The 12 Issues are bound within marbled boards with well worn leather covers and spine. Internally the issues are in excellent overall quality. A very rare, whole and complete bound volume that remains fully intact, in excellent condition and containing the full, historic “Boston Massacre” report.. The “Town and Country Magazine” was the 18th Century equivalent of Time magazine or Newsweek magazine. It was similar in size, appearance and content to the more common news magazine, Gentlemans Magazine. It covered the entire scope of world news, politics, opinion, science, etc during the 18th an