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16th-17th Century Wrought Iron Treasure Chest (ARMADA BOX), #2709 Treasure Artifacts

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A Wonderful 16th-17th century wrought iron Treasure Chest (ARMADA BOX). The chest had a false key escutcheon on the front (now missing). (1) key inserts into the lid and when turned, activates a lock mechanism concealed/mounted on the under-side moving spring-loaded bolts that secure the lid to the chest's upper lip when locked (KEY MISSING and all bolts are forced open with pieces of wood). The lid is missing the (2) upper hasp rings. The interior of the chest has two holes in the bottom to secure it to the floor of deck of a ship and has an internal strong box (Key Missing). The truly amazing aspect of this chest is the amount of original decorative paint including a cherub and part of a castle. Overall the chest is very stable retaining most of the original decorative exterior paint, and could be in working order with more restoration and a proper key. A great REAL Treasure Chest !!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE; this chest had had restoration/repair. One of the last owners lost the key or obtained the chest with out a key or someone just broke into it and bent/broke the upper edges of the lid and removing the upper (2) hasp rings when prying the metal to gain access, successful but unfortunate. The locking mechanism is intact and could be further restored. Currently, the chest is designed to remain unlocked and displayed...

Measures; 17" Deep X 32" Wide X 16" High

Private Collection...

Consignment; GS, 2015A