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A RARE French Naval Brass Flintlock Swivel Cannon (ESPINGOLE)

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A RARE Antique French Naval brass flintlock swivel cannon Model "An IX"(ESPINGOLE), circa. 1785-1800.  These are recorded as "1-pound" guns and they have a 2" bore.  Detachable flintlock firing mechanism with lanyard cord.  37.5" overall length with iron tiller.  5.5" between trunnions.  The left trunnion is marked "No. 81 or 18" and the diameter is 1.1/8".  The cannon comes with a 20th century custom made dovetail storage box that is very well made.  The storage box measures: 41.5" long x 10.5" deep x 8.5" high.

Ref: See; BOARDERS AWAY II Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail. by, William Gilkerson. c. 1993, pp. 65-67.


Consignment: S.W. 2020 #1