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A Good Antique Wrought Iron Treasure Chest/Casket ARMADA BOX/CHEST

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A Good Antique Wrought Iron Treasure Chest/Casket ARMADA BOX/CHEST, circa. 16th-17th century.  Most likely made in Nuremberg, Germany.

Measures; 27" wide X 14" deep X 13.5" high.

Formed in a rectangular box, with carry handles attached to both sides.  The lid is attached with three iron hinges and containing the complex lock mechanism, accessed with a single key, the hole is concealed beneath a movable cover.  The interior lock mechanism throws (6) bolts at the turn of the key.  Original period key.  The steel has areas of de-lamination.  The front of the box has (2) lock hasps.  A great specimen in good working order.


 Note; This example has been cleaned in the past and exhibits rust pitting and age patina (exterior painted black).   The interior "Jewel Box" lid is missing. 

Similar examples are preserved at the Ironwork Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


 Consignment: DR 2019