18th Century Early Colonial Era, Hand-Engraved American Indian Wooden Printing Block

$ 2,495.00

Superb Hand-Engraved Woodblock For Colonial Era American Printing - Depicting A Native American Indian . 18th Century Early Colonial Era, Hand Engraved Woodblock for Printing, Depicting the Image of A Native American Indian, Choice Fine.. This remarkable Hand-Engraved Woodblock measures 1.5” x 1.75” x .75” thick. It has a wonderful engraved “cut” showing a Native American Indian, likely from Virginia, standing beside a barrel filled with Tobacco and smoking it with his long-stemmed pipe. A Southern classic image. A fine vertical wood crack from age is seen through the Indian, yet this block is still capable of giving a clear impression if used. A truly historic illustration woodblock of an Early American Southern Indian image. A similar styled image of this woodblock can be found on page 119, illustration #7 of “2000 Early Advertising Cuts” edited by Clarence P. Hornung, published in 1995. A remarkable treasure for collectors of Tobacco, American Indian, Pipe Smoking and woodblock print enthusiasts..