A Fine Massive High Quality Matchlock Wall Gun

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A Fine Massive High Quality Matchlock Wall Gun, made in India, circa. 18th century.  43", 1" BORE heavy iron smooth-bore barrel with polyangular section at the breech and at the swamped muzzle and has arsenal inventory information stamped on the top flat of breech and secured to the stock by (5) copper barrel bands.  The matchlock mechanism work perfectly.  The gun has flat sections of iron sections.  All iron surfaces exhibit areas of salt & pepper surface rust pitting.  The wood stock is made in (2) pieces and is solid with a decorative fluted element at the bottom section where the fore-end starts with overall scratches and dings from years of service.  The massive gun weighs 20 pounds and has (2) sling swivels and an iron ram rod.  A quarter is placed along side of the gun for a size comparison.  A very impressive weapon ready for display in any museum or private collection !

This weapon had to be fired by (2) people of (1) person utilizing a "post & yoke" support stand.


MEASURES - 63.5" overall length.

WEIGHT - 20 pounds.

NOTE - Wall guns of any period are scarce if not extremely rare because not many were produced like muskets of the period.  This is a very fine complete example in very good original condition.  It is important to note that the matchlock was used in geographical regions like the middle east and India from the 16th - 19th century.