A Spectacular Museum Quality (BRACE) of Massive French Double Barrel Flintlock Holster Pistols

$ 45,000.00

A Spectacular Museum Quality (BRACE) of Massive Antique French Double Barrel Side-by-Side Flintlock Holster Pistols, circa. 1720-1730; made by master gun maker SIMON JOURJON, Saint Etienne.  Each pistol has 13 1/8" side-by-side steel smooth-bore barrels with gold touch holes retaining approx. 80% + original blue finish; struck with a 'CROWN' over 'L'; with decorative gold overlay at the breeches and barrel tangs and an iron entry ram rod pipe affixed under the muzzles.  Double triggers.  Each lock is maker signed SIMON JOURJON and wonderfully and tastefully engraved with patterned boarders, foliage, and a Boar's head with bow & arrow with quiver on the stepped tails.  The frizzen springs, top jaws and screws still exhibit traces of original fire blue.  Main springs and frizzen springs are very strong.  Brass furniture includes large long-eared butt caps (each engraved with the number '10'); lower ram rod pipes; very pleasing high relief trigger guards with monster faces and a spray of foliage in the Dutch style.  The wood stocks are solid with the original varnish (some minor areas of oil staining); raised high relief hand carved boarders around the locks, trigger guards, lower ram rod pipes, and a fantastic decorative area around the barrel tangs; light scratches and dings from years of handling.  The faces of the frizzens show very little flint scaring indicating these pistols were hardly used.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration retaining all original parts and both are in good mechanical working order. Original wood ram rods with steel faces.  Pistols measure; 20.75" overall.

Note; These are the largest and finest Pair/Brace of French Double Barrel flintlock pistols we have had the pleasure of studying in or out of any private collection or Museum.