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A Good (PAIR) of Large Italian Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by G. BIANCHI

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A Good (PAIR) of Large Antique Italian Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols, circa. 1720-1740 made by G. BIANCHI.  12.25", .60 cal. worked steel smooth-bore barrels.  Worked steel locks maker signed G. BIANCHI.  High relief engraved silver furniture.  Full stocks are stable with some minor stress cracks and loses; scratches and dings from years of service.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration. 19.75" overall length.  A very attractive pair of Italian flintlock pistols in good mechanical working order.  

Note; These pistols were made with false wood ram rods (most likely for the Middle Eastern Region for possible presentation).  The reason the ram rods were false because the transportation was on horses, camels or elephants.  Dropping a ram rod from sitting high up on an animal would render the pistol useless if it could not be reloaded.  The people of these regions would wear a lanyard ram rod so it would not get lost.