A Fantastic Cased (Pair) of French Flintlock Pocket Pistols

$ 8,500.00

A Fantastic cased (PAIR) of Antique French Flintlock turn off Cannon Barrel Pistols by "P J Morelle", circa. 1750. 4.25" multi-stage octagon-to-round iron turn-off cannon barrels. Wonderful molded and engraved silver plated brass furniture including fine decorative butt caps. Lock plates are engraved with maker's name and made with rare "dog lock" safety hooks. The stocks are solid with high relief carving around the barrel tangs and parts with light scratches and dings from years of handling. 8.25" overall length. In good mechanical working order.

Accessories include: excellent powder flask, bullet mold, lead balls, turn screw, tow, ram rod/cleaning rod, and patches.

Original Period Box c. early 19th century is lined in English green baize (interior has been restored).  The flush mounted lifting handle is engraved with the letters "J B".  The pistols are not original to the box but display wonderfully.

Note: Very few guns were cased in the 1750's.  Many older guns were cased later in their working life.