c. 1898, Spanish Am War, Clear Glass Souvenir Pitcher, Portrait of Admiral Dewey

$ 385.00

Admiral Dewey & “USS Olympia” Patriotic Glass Pitcher . Spanish American War Theme, Clear Glass Souvenir Pitcher, With Portrait of Admiral Dewey and His Ship, The “U.S.S. Olympia,” Choice Near Mint.. This handsome unmarked, clear molded glass pitcher measures 9” tall by 8” wide at its widest point, has a variety of raised images of Military Equipment, Flags, the Ship “Olympia,” and a portrait of Dewey. This pitcher is in superb condition, with almost no wear. There is a small chip and 2 small cracks in the foot, otherwise this piece is like new. With the U.S.S. Olympia as his flagship, Dewey attacked the Spanish fleet at Manila in the Philippines on May 1st, and within 6 hours had destroyed the Spanish fleet, forced the surrender of the commander, all without the loss of a ship or a single American casualty. A patriotic souvenir of a great American Naval Victory..