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A Good Albanian Silver Stocked Miquelet Flint Pistol with original leather Holster, #3269 Firearms

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A Good Ottoman Empire (Albania) Silver Stocked 'Miquelet' Flint Pistol, circa. 1780- 1800 with original leather holster. 13.25", .58 cal. octagon-to-round steel barrel with some decorative engraving on the top of breech. The stock is of high relief repose' thick silver over a wood core and has a break halfway down the fore-end, otherwise is in good condition w/small minor dents. 20" overall length. The lock is complete and works but has very stiff springs and could use some TLC. The trigger guard is made of steel with decorative engraving. The Rare original leather holster is very dry and the seems have started to separate.

Note; the original silver barrel band/sleeve was lost long ago and was replaced with silver wire. Typical repair.
Both side nails are later replacements.