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A Fine British East India Company Contract Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol by, GOFF, 1785, #3201 Firearms

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A Fine Antique King George III British East India Company contract flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol of Pattern 1778 by, 'GOFF', dated "1785". Contract by; "GOFF" (contractor to the Ordnance and British East India Company). Standard 9" steel barrel w/(2) arsenal proof marks, an "DG" (Daniel GOFF, barrel maker), the 'East India Company trade logo' of a quartered "HEART w/4, V E I C", "GOFF", and "1785". Brass regulation furniture. Lock marked; w/ East India Company trade logo of a quartered "HEART w/4, V E I C", "GOFF", and "1785". Standard pattern heavy brass furniture w/remnants of gilding. Stock has a few stress cracks in front of lock mortise; is solid w/normal age scratches and dings from years of service and is marked w/the East India Company trade logo of a "HEART /4, E I C" just behind the upper rear of the lock plate, a small 'CROWN' over 'DG' (Daniel Goff's inspector's mark) just below the tail of the lock plate. A very fine example in good mechanical working order.

PROVENANCE: Ex. Clark R. Hoffman Collection.

Ref. GUNMAKERS OF LONDON 1350-1850 by, Howard L. Blackmore., c. 1986, p.100 (Daniel GOFF)

Maker - Daniel Goff 1, Apprentise to William Brander, 1768; free of Gunmakers Co., 1775. Proof piece and mark, 1779. Took Livery, 1779. Elected Assistant, 1780; Master, 1784, 1797, 1805, 1821. Gunmaker, 6 Victualling Office Sq., Tower Hill, 1775-1781; 39 Mansell, St., 1782; 119 Leadenhall St., 1785-1787; 9 Bartholomew Lane. 1790; 58 Mansell, St., 1791-1796; 21 Somerset St., Goodman's Fields, 1797-1819; 57 Houndsditch, 1822-1827. Then traded as Daniel Goff & Co., 5 Old Montague St. (also Frosty Ct.), 1830-1840. Gunmaker to TOWER ofr LONDON Ordnance and East India Company, 1780-1839. Died. 1840.