1854 Speech: NEBRASKA AND KANSAS, Regarding Statehood and Slavery

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“NEBRASKA AND KANSAS” Speech by Charles Upham. May 10, 1854, Speech: “NEBRASKA AND KANSAS,” Regarding Statehood and Slavery Issues, by Charles W. Upham of Mass., Very Fine.. 7-page pamphlet of a speech delivered in The House of Representatives, 8.75” x 5.75” “The idea of a Federal Union, that is, of a confederation of political communities, each still preserving its distinct existence, was first developed on a limited sphere, and in a very imperfect way, by the New England Colonies, at an early stage of their existence.” Mr. Upham’s speech was given in the Senate to debate whether the people of Kansas would be allowed the chance to form a constitution and State Government before they be admitted into the Union. A few small specks of black have bled through the paper but everything is still very legible and bold. .