16 Page Pamphlet: Wrongs of Kansas, John P. Hale

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1856 “The Popular Heart” Slavery and Kansas. Hon. John P. Hale’s Speech on “The Wrongs of Kansas”, Published by Buell and Blanchard, Printers. , Washington D.C., Fine.. 9” x 5.5”, disbound 16 page pamphlet , no covers. First and last page are not attached, disbound, frayed edges. Text remains very dark and percise. Delivered to the U.S. Senate on February 1856. “I believe that if, listening to ecil counsels, pushed on by the purposes of ambition or any other,... the humanity of these great people will teach such men a lesson which they, nor their children, nor their children’s children, to the latest posterity, will forget.” A speech given that expresses the stong American emotions that it is the best counrty, and the citizens popular vote will help to uphold the Union.