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Early Large Antique English Steel Barrel Flintlock Blunderbuss made by 'ROBERT BROOKES, LONDON', circa. 1660-1689, possibly restocked in the 18th century.  18.25" octagon-to-multi faceted-to-round flaring muzzle steel barrel stamped on the top flat of breech w/(2) early TOWER PRIVATE PROOFS and Barrel Maker's mark; a 'CROWN' over 'RB'(Robert Brookes); early style tang with the retaining screw securing the barrel to the stock from the under side.  Interesting original ring lanyard attached to the rear side nail of lock.    Lock plate is marked; 'BROOKES' and engraved in the classic late 17th century style.  The blunderbuss is in original flint configuration.  All parts have a nice age patina w/steel parts having a uniform salt and pepper pitting.  Stock is rather plain w/a few worm holes, stress cracks, scratches and dings from years of service.  In good mechanical working order.  33 3/8" overall length.  Type used in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.

Note; It is our opinion; that this blunderbuss was possibly re-stocked in the 18th century utilizing the original ribbed ram rod pipe, lock, brass side plate and the steel trigger guard; 18th century engraved German Silver replacement butt plate.  Or, the German silver butt is a later 18th century replacement.

ROBERT BROOKE: Former appr. of John Silke, turned over to William Palmer, free of Gunmakers Co., 1660.  Elected Assistant, 1666; Master, 1679.  Gunmaker, Minories.  Contractor to Ordnance, 1661-89; East India Co., 1682.  Made pattern Barbary gun and lock for King of Fez & Morocco, 1683.  Apptd. Gunmaker-in-Ordinary to King Charles II, 1670.  Maker of the King's Guns within the Tower of London & Elsewhere, 1683., died. 1689.  Business continued by widow, Mary.


Early Large English Steel Barrel Flintlock Blunderbuss by ROBERT BROOKES, LONDON#3103

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