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Item not available.
ON SALE! 20% Off! $175
Price: $140.00
Shipping  $10.00 Per Order
A Collectible BB Pistol in the form of a LUGER made by; 'PLAINSMAN .175 PAT. PEND.  HEALTHWAYS L A. CALIF' (marked on the left side and '0880454' (on the right side).  Hard plastic grips, die cast metal frame.  CO2 cylinder mounts inside the grip.  In good working order (mechanically) will not warrantee for firing, sold as collectible only...

Please Note; This item is on exhibit 'for sale' at a Gallery called "GUY STUFF'.  Please check on the availability before purchasing.

Collectable BB Pistol in the form of a LUGER by Healthways Plainsman#2515

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