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A Fine and unusual antique French/Dutch Double Barrel Flintlock Fowler w/Folding Bayonet made by, "C. BAVDVIN,  LIEGE", circa. 1730-1750.  39" 58 gauge solid rib round steel barrels w/GOLD overlaid decorative designs at the breech(approx.60%+ remaining), and retain much of the original finish which has darkened with age.  Folding bayonet mounted on the underside of the barrels w/release and lock.  Locks are marked; "C. BAVDVIN  LIEGE" w/decorative engraving and stepped lock plates.  Very high grade high relief engraved brass furniture.  The high relief carved half stock has areas of fine Silver wire inlays(approx. 60% remaining).  The stock has had restoration over the working life of the gun; cracked and repaired wrist but is stable and solid w/normal sge scratches and dings from years of handling.  Orignial wood ram rod w/worm.  In good working order.  A fine double w/a very unusual bayonet that is original to the manufacture of the gun.

French/Dutch Double Barrel Flintlock Fowler w/Folding Bayonet#1623

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