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Price: $22,500.00

Circa. Early 17th Century.

A very nice antique Authentic 17th Century Spanish/Italian Three-Quarter Suit of Armour with high peaked Cabasset helmet showing old repairs at crown, earflaps show expert restorations; the arms, breastplate and lames are associated close match; armor has been re-strapped and is generally good overall showing all correctly hand forged elements and is nicely displayed on a mannequin.    An absolutely authentic of the period 17th century half suit of armour seldom encountered...

Ref, See;  p. 149,  Lot 354, (Similar Three-Quarter Field Armour).  Thomas Del Mar Ltd., In association with Sotheby's,  Antique Arms, Armour & Militaria, LONDON.,  Wednesday 12th December 2007.

Early 17th Century Spanish/Italian Three-Quarter Suit of Armour#1534

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